HTC Connect™ for the Industry

The HTC Connect logo allows manufacturers to differentiate their products and gives millions of HTC users the comfort of easy connectivity with their devices while leveraging HTC marketing campaigns.

HTC Connect is designed to deliver superior end-to-end user experience, satisfied customers, and ultimately, to increase sales.

Consumer electronics manufacturers that participate in this program may become eligible to display the HTC Connect logo for the purpose of marketing and promoting their HTC Connect-compatible products.

Companies supporting the HTC Connect program are device manufacturers, connectivity solution developers, module and embedded technology providers and independent test laboratories.

HTC Connect Membership

Membership is open to companies in the consumer electronics space that are dedicated to providing a superior user experience and willing to contribute to the success of the HTC Connect initiative. It is free of charge.

You can apply for HTC Connect membership here.

Membership and device testing

Membership is a prerequisite for submitting a device for HTC Connect testing.

There is no guarantee that a device will be eligible to display the HTC Connect logo. Logo eligibility decision will be made by HTC.

Device testing

The program is designed to verify that consumer electronics devices comply with the HTC Connect program requirements.


Prior to testing by an independent testing laboratory, manufacturers are advised to confirm that their devices meet the requirements through their own in-house HTC Connect conformance test.

Available to HTC Connect members for download in the Members section of this website, the HTC Connect specifications identify technical testing requirements, including support for the required media formats. These specifications can be updated at any time.

Information about the necessary media files is also available in the Member zone of this website.

Additional prerequisites for logo eligibility may apply based on the underlying technology used by the electronic device. For instance, if the device utilizes DLNA technology, DLNA certification for applicable devices must be achieved.

Application Form for device testing

Visit the Members zone to complete the online application process. A separate application form must be completed for each device to be tested.

After receiving the application form, HTC may issue a unique device registration number. If the device later becomes eligible to display the HTC Connect logo, this number becomes the HTC Connect Number.

The tests

Testing may only be done by independent laboratories authorised by HTC and listed in the Member zone of the this website. The HTC Connect member seeking to test a device for HTC Connect compliance must enter a contractual relationship with their chosen test house that will perform the tests on HTC's behalf. HTC is not a party to any agreement between an HTC Connect member and an independent test laboratory.

The tests rely on the most current version of the specifications and media files that can be downloaded from the Member zone of this site.

Logo eligibility

If a device passes testing and HTC determines that the device complies with all program requirements and issues a notice of logo eligibility, the HTC Connect member company may use the HTC Connect logos with that product, as permitted by the HTC Connect Member Agreement. Each logo-eligible device will have a HTC Connect Number.

The list of the devices eligible for the HTC Connect logo is publicly available here.

How to join

If you are interested in applying for membership, please send an email with a short description of your company profile to